Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas - Review

This is my first Penelope Douglas book and i have to say, i am very impressed.

I have read a lot of romance, but this story line is something i have not really come across before.

A girl falls in love with her boyfriends father. (Don't worry there is no cheating.)

I was captivated by the very first chapter, Penelope's writing is structured well and the story flows. It is well thought out, it is not rushed like some romance books i have read in the past.

The connection between Pike and Jordan is there instantly, you can tell they are just meant to be, even though the feelings at first are taboo and forbidden, as the book goes on, they become more able to show each other what they've felt from the first night they met.

Birthday Girl is the ideal book for people who love a unique love story, love happy endings and like reading about people who are destined to be together.

If two people are meant to be. They will be.

I give this book 5 stars.

I love the girl character Jordan so i created an edit inspired by her and things to do with her in the book:


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