The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas - Review

                                                   The Forbidden - Jodi Ellen Malpas  

                                                                    my review

The Forbidden is just that. It's forbidden. A love story that should not be allowed.
 Jodi has created another mouthwatering, deep, moving love story.

The Forbidden is full of twists, heart break, confusion, but most of all, earth shattering undeniable           love. Jodi has created another complete unstoppable page turner. A book you simply cannot put             down. 

 While the reason the book is titled 'The Forbidden' the 'forbidden' act is handled in a sensitive,               emotional manner. The Forbidden is a book you have to go into with an open mind. But, by the             time you have finished reading, you will have experienced what it is like to fall in love with                   someone you are technically not allowed to fall in love with. 

5 golden stars for this extraordinary tale of two souls who were born to love each other. 


  1. Your writing is extraordinary! This book sounds amazing!


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